Morning Star Christian School,The growth of our society in a highly collaborative and support environment, reflects a commitment to continuous learning and innovation practice. Our mission is to teach students to become lifelong learners critical thinking, effective communication, creative problem solving and the ability to work independently and collaborate to serve the global community.The primary task of our education is to promote academic excellence in all core subjects, simultaneous injection of a variety of artistic elements to challenge our students to take action, courage, integrity and leadership. We are preparing our students accepted moral, social and intellectual challenges. Our commitment to an open, thoughtful exploration to ensure that Eleanor Roosevelt High School is a place where the problem is important, because the answer.
"Personal cooperation, our lives, to the best of our ability to serve the community we live in one of our own success, it is real, must contribute."


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A good start in your community service hours! I found a way to finish my time how to do? Click "link", and opportunities for community service by browsing the list of current function. - The number of hours of service is necessary? You must complete a total of 20 hours per academic year. What is the deadline to complete my time? You need to complete the lowest mark during the five hours, but you can always meet your requirements in advance. I can arrange their own....


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